Water the way you want it
when you want it...

Pronteau 4 in 1 kitchen taps are the latest innovation by Abode and cater for your every need in the kitchen; stylishly, simply, safely and Instantly.

These newly patented 4 in 1 mixertaps offer all the benefits of our kitchen mixers with the addition of filtered cold and 80 -98° filtered steaming hot water on demand. Refreshing British Design.


The Science Is Under The Sink

The PROBOIL3 innovative 3 litre stainless steel boiler has been developed in the UK to provide users with an energy efficient long term supply of pH balanced filtered & temperature controlled water to drink and cook with, reducing the tastes of hardness, chlorine and other undesirable contaminants from your water supply

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Meet Proboil3 - The hot water boiler

Safety First

The hot and steamy magic of our Pronteau mixertaps are controlled by the innovative Hotkey. This simple and effective mechanism ensures safe delivery of piping hot water. Without the Hotkey, the tap will become a regular 3 way mixertap.

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