PROBOIL.2X Filter and Descale Pack

  • For convenience, why not order our Proboil.2X filter and descale pack which contains 2 x water filters and 1 x descale bottle. This pack is designed to give you a years supply of accessories for your boiler and tap to keep them in perfect working order. We recommend that filters are replaced on average of every six months and the boiler is descaled once a year. This is of course dependent on water quality in your area and adjustments may need to be made accordingly should you live in a hard water area.

    (The maximum life span of a water filter is 6 months (in use) or 1000 litres (apx. 2800 cups), whichever comes sooner. The suggested minimum descaling frequency is once annually, one bottle should be enough to descale the tank, however if you believe the tank to be heavily scaled then it may require two bottles.)

    £90One-time payment

  • Specification

    Product Code   PB2XBUNDLE

    Installation & Care Instructions

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    Pronteau is stocked by both your local independent retailer and major high street retailers including John Lewis & Wickes. You can also purchase your Pronteau hot water tap directly through our website.

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