The PROBOIL2 boiler is a compact and innovative 2 litre displacement boiler, allowing you to hold and call off steaming hot water at 98 degrees on demand.

Handily, the boiler can be floor or wall mounted within the kitchen base unit under the sink, maximising your available storage space.

See Proboil.2 In Detail

PROBOIL.2 In Detail

Home Installation

Installing the Pronteau 3 IN 1 couldn't be any simpler, avoiding the need for specialist fitters. It’s quick and easy to install and everything you need is included in the box.

The boiler sits neatly under your sink either on the bottom shelf or it can be wall mounted, ensuring you still have all the room to store your household essentials.

A comprehensive user and installation guide will walk you through the process.

Ongoing Maintenance

Your Pronteau 3 IN 1 is easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. Changing filters or descaling your boiler are simple activities that can be routinely undertaken to ensure the best possible performance and service life of your boiler is achieved.

Replacement filters and de-scale kits are available to order here, supported by short videos guiding you through the steps and technical performance details for the filters.

Proboil.2 In Detail
Proboil.2 In Detail

Safety & Features


The boiler ensures that every time you call for 98 degrees water you are guaranteed a safe and controlled flow of water from the tap spout, meaning no unwanted spitting or spurting.

To ensure the longevity of your boiler it also contains handy safety features to avoid the unit boiling dry or overheating. Plus we’ve built in a descale option too, so important in those hard water areas.

Proboil2 Features


  • Descale inlet and removable tank lid for easy clean options and access
  • Compact size to fit discreetly into your base unit (Overall height 257mm, Width 217mm, Depth 175mm)
  • Filtered water inlet
  • 98 degrees water outlet
  • Safety steam vent to a standard dishwasher connection
  • 2 Litre tank
  • UK manufactured boiler
  • 2 Year Warranty