Water The Way You Want It Profile 4 IN 1 steaming hot water tap from £1549

Innovative Functionality

The profile steaming hot water tap range is the ideal choice for the home or small office. Not only does it offer instant access to steaming hot water on demand, it also provides filtered cold drinking water as well as your everyday hot and cold. Supplied with Proboil3, this intelligent ‘self diagnostic’ 3 litre boiler is capable of delivering up to 50 cups per hour.

More Control

Pronteau 4 IN 1 makes the perfect cuppa at the perfect temperature giving you more time to brew to perfection.


Optimum Temperature

Brew Time

Japanese Green Tea 80° 0.5-2.5 minutes
Oolong Tea 85-93° 5-7 minutes
First Flush Darjeeling Tea 80-93° 3-5 minutes
Black Tea 88-98° 3-4 minutes
Pu-erh Tea 96° 2-4 minutes
Herbal Tea 98° 2-3 minutes
Brewing Coffee 90-96° 4 minutes
Instant Coffee 80-85° N.A.

Safety is the Key

Profile 4 IN 1 uses the innovative Hotkey to control the safe delivery of piping hot water. Without the Hotkey, the tap will become a regular 3 way mixertap, but with it, the hot and steamy magic begins.

The Pronteau Profile 4 IN 1 hot water tap has been designed with an insulated central channel from which the hot water is dispensed, which means the water arrives hot but the outside surface of the tap remains cool and safe to the touch

4 IN 1 Features & Benefits

  • Save time

    Adding a Pronteau to the kitchen is guaranteed to make a difference and leave you thinking how you got by without a steaming hot water tap.

  • Do your bit for the environment

    Turn over a greener leave and swap the single use plastic for fresh filtered water straight from your tap which will not only save you money but aid the reduction of plastic waste and help the environment.

  • Streamline the kitchen

    Free up worktop and fridge space of kettles and filter jugs for clutter-free worktops and that extra fridge space that we often find ourselves needing.

  • Reduce water wastage

    As there is no need to fill the kettle every time a hot drink is made or a pan is to be filled, you will find that water and energy wastage in the household is reduced.

  • Improve the taste of hot drinks whilst protecting your boiler

    All Pronteau products are supplied with a filter. This filter has an important role as it maintains the long-term health of your boiler, preventing excessive limescale build up.

    Secondly, achieve great tasting hot drinks every time as the filter will improve the taste of your water and prevent the scum that you sometimes find on hot drinks.

  • Never worry about safety

    As the use of hot water taps increase, they are proving to be much safe than using the kettle in the kitchen. The Pronteau 4 IN 1 collection with Proboil3 boiler uses a patented HotKey to activate the steaming hot water. This can be stored out of reach of little hands when not in use and allows you to attach to the front of the tap for safer two handed pan filling.

Intelligent Innovation

PROBOIL3 under counter unit, this intelligent 'self-diagnostic' boiler unit is capable of delivering up to 50 cups per hour from its 3 litre capacity tank.

Developed in the UK, the PROBOIL3 will provide users with an energy efficient long term supply of pH balanced filtered & temperature controlled water.

You also get

  • Installation service

    Nationwide trusted installer network from our parent company Norcros PLC, and in partnership with our sister company Triton Showers.

  • 5 year warranty

    Pronteau hot water taps are backed by a comprehensive 5 year warranty on the tap and 2 years on the boiler for complete peace of mind.

  • 18 years of innovation

    Abode, the makers of Pronteau have been manufacturing taps and sinks since 2002. You can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

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