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The Science Is Under The Sink

PROBOIL3 under counter unit, this intelligent 'self-diagnostic' boiler unit is capable of delivering up to 50 cups per hour from its 3 litre capacity tank. Developed in the UK, the PROBOIL3 will provide users with an energy efficient long term supply of pH balanced filtered & temperature controlled water.

Introducing ProBoil 3 - the intelligent hot water boiler

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Functionality at a glance

Advanced touch key LCD control panel

Advanced touch key LCD control panel with:

  • On / Off & child lock controls
  • Status & health indicators
  • QR codes provide web addresses for simple ordering of descale kits and filters or to watch ‘how to’ videos for routine self-maintenance
Automatic timed sleep, eco mode and filter life indicator
  • Automatic or timed sleep Eco mode management for night time power saving
  • Filter life indicator
  • Automatic descale warning indicator
  • Time and date settings display
Compact boiler size to fit under the sink
  • Epoxy polyester coated shell for long life
  • Compact size to fit neatly under the sink
Filtered Water Inlet with 4L draw tank
  • Filtered water inlet
  • 80-98° water outlet
  • Safety steam vent to the sink waste & de-scale inlet for cleaning access
  • Front drain unit for convenient servicing & descaling
  • 3 Litre continuous draw tank

Simple Touchscreen Control

Simple to use and operate, the touchscreen LCD display can be programmed in 9 different languages. The display controls the water temperature, eco mode, sleep settings, time and child lock functions while also advising you in real time of any routine maintenance requirements with the boiler.

The screen will display clear messages and QR codes so that if you want to change a filter or order de-scale fluid, a simple scan of the code will direct you straight to this website.

Proboil3 Functionality
Proboil3 Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnotics

The PROBOIL3 is an advanced unit that will monitor its own performance and the quality of the water in the tank chamber and will alert you to any problems before any damage can be done. A discreet audible alarm will alert you, the LCD screen will then display any action that needs to be taken.

Variable Temperature Control

The PROBOIL 3 boiler allows you to hold and store water at the exact temperature you prefer between 80-98 degrees. Speciality teas are best served at 80 degrees, coffee at 92 degrees and black tea at 98 degrees, so the choice is yours.

PROBOIL3 has unique temperature control technology which measures the temperature of the water every tenth of a second and will use its powerful 3KW boiler to quickly heat any fresh water fed into the tank automatically ensuring you always have up to 3 litres of hot water on tap. If the water is not within your preferred temperature setting the boiler will not dispense thus ensuring you get a perfect hot drink every time.

Optimum Drinking Temperatures