Safety First


The patented Pronteau mixertaps use the innovative Hotkey as a simple but effective mechanism for the safe delivery of piping hot water. Without the Hotkey, the tap will become a regular 3 way mixertap, but with it, the hot and steamy magic begins.

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Pronteau HotKey

Hidden away inside the tap body is a proximity sensor and when it senses the HotKey nearby it will instruct the boiler to pump hot boiled water through the separate central channel to the spout.

If you need hands free use for filling those heavier items, the HotKey will simply locate onto the front of the tap body to safely deliver you hot boiled water in an instant.

Conveniently store the HotKey behind the tap where it magnetically self-locates, so it is always at arms length away for when you want boiling water,

If you have young children, you might instead choose to store the HotKey out of reach on a shelf or stuck high up on the fridge or extracter, now you are safe in the knowledge small hands can use the tap safely.