4 IN 1

Pronteau 4 IN 1 kitchen taps are the latest innovation by Abode and cater for your every need in the kitchen

Featuring 5 designs and 2 finishes with all models delivering instant 98 degrees steaming hot water, instant filtered water along with your everyday hot and cold water.

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Instant Steaming Hot Water

  • Ph balanced filtered steaming water delivered to you at the exact temperature you want. No Scum, scale or bad tasting hot drinks.
  • Controlled flow – no spitting or spurting as hot water is pumped to you at a steady 3 litres per minute. No Surprises or accidents – the water is presented in a controlled and accurate manner.
  • Delivers over 50 cups of water per hour. Ideal for home or small office use.
  • Limescale and corrosion inhibiting filter cartridge. Ensures a longer and more cost efficient life of the boiler unit and tap.
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Instant Filtered Cold Water

  • Crystal clear filtered water on tap which improves the taste of cold drinks by filtering out hardness/limescale.
  • Water softening and conditioning, benefit from the improved taste of soft water.
  • 5 Micron carbon block membrane which maintains effective particle protection.
  • Uses a bypass valve technology which can be set to your local water conditions for perfect scale and acidity control.
  • Manage your drinking water within EU drinking water regulation limits.
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Everyday Hot & Cold Water

Hot and Cold Water Tap

Provides a splash free aerated supply of hot, cold or mixed warm water for your daily requirements.

Bubbles are infused in the water to reduce splashing in sink bowls.

Fully rotating spout delivering hot and cold water

Precise supply of hot and cold flows using smooth action ceramic disc valve technology. Fully rotating spout that is cool to the touch.

Reach all areas of the bowl for cleaning and washing with the 360 degree spout.

Ideal for washing up, washing hands and watering plants

Mixed water supply available to all the family.

Ideal for washing up, washing hands, watering plants and all manner of day to day activities.

Accurate and long lasting control of your water temperature and flow rates.

Fully rotating spout that is cool to the touch.