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Pronteau is part of Abode, a division of Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited, where you can view the Pronteau 4 IN 1 and 3 IN 1 range of hot water taps or buy Pronteau filters and descale kits, plus download ProBoil and Pronteau user manuals & installation guides.

Abode, a division of Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited was established in 2002 with a team whose experience spans many years within the industry.  We are a UK based company who design, market and distribute kitchen and bathroom products.

About Pronteau
About Abode


We now manufacture well over half a million taps a year, all specifically designed for the UK market.

We work very closely with our network of European manufacturing partners to create high quality, design leading products all of which we aim to achieve without the big price tag always ensuring we invest in the very best components available.

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