The range of Pronteau hot water dispensers allow you to install or retrofit a unit in any kitchen. Inject your home with complete convenience.

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Instant Steaming Hot Water

Both Pronteau dispensers deliver steaming hot water in an instant. The water is passed through a filter so water hardness is reduced and those unwanted odours and bad tastes are removed for perfect steaming hot water suitable for making teas, coffees and your everyday cooking needs.

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Instant Filtered Cold Water

  • Produo offers the added benefit of filtered cold water in an instant which improves the taste of cold drinks by filtering out hardness / limescale.
  • 5 Micron carbon granules and resin which maintains effective particle protection.
  • Saves time along with single use plastic, we can all do our bit to reduce the impact plastic is having on the environment.
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The Pronteau range of dispensers are available in 2 styles and 2 finishes both offering differing levels of functionality dependent on your needs. Pair either of these dispensers with a tap of a similar style for a streamlined look in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a dispenser to deliver hot water only then look no further than ProUno. If however you would like the added benefit of clear filtered drinking water then take a closer look at ProDuo.

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