Pronteau 3 IN 1 & Dispenser Installation & Warranty

Simple & Quick To Install

Installing the Pronteau 3 IN 1 couldn’t be any simpler, avoiding the need for specialist fitters.

The boiler sits neatly under your sink either on the bottom shelf or it can be wall mounted, ensuring you still have all the room to store your household essentials.

It’s quick and easy to install and everything you need is included in the box. A comprehensive user and installation guide will walk you through the process.

Looking for Technical Support?

Ongoing Home Maintenance

Your Pronteau 3 IN 1 is easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. Changing filters or descaling your boiler are simple activities that can be routinely undertaken to ensure the best possible performance and service life of your boiler is achieved. Replacement filters and de-scale kits are available to order from our online shop, supported by short videos guiding you through the steps and technical performance details for the filters.

From a simple technical query to requesting an engineer to visit your home, Pronteau 3 IN 1 is supported by a dedicated team at the end of the phone and a nationwide fleet of service engineers on the road, providing that all important support and peace of mind.

Contact Pronteau Customer Service on 0344 879 3588

Comprehensive 2 & 5 Year Warranty Cover

Our PRONTEAU 3 IN 1 tap collection is backed by a comprehensive warranty. In the unlikely event that you should experience any defect in the materials or workmanship, we warrant the products as follows;

  • PRONTEAU mixertaps within 5 years of purchase
  • PROBOIL2 boiler unit within 2 years of purchase

In both cases, the purchaser’s sole remedy shall be the replacement (at the manufacturers discretion) of all or any part of the product that is defective.

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Comprehensive 2 & 5 Year Warranty Cover
Warranty Cover - Whats covered?

What's Covered?

Pronteau Taps: For the tap, all working parts and valves are guaranteed for a period of 5 years from purchase. Decorative surface finishes and O-rings are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase provided that our advice concerning caring for your product has been observed and no scouring agents have been used on the surfaces of the tap.

ProBoil Boilers: For the boiler, all working parts are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase provided it has been used for normal domestic or office purposes and the user and installation guide has been observed. The warranty extends to the original purchaser only.

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