Pronteau 4 IN 1 Installation & Warranty

Simple & Quick To Install

The Pronteau taps and PROBOIL3 boilers have both been designed with ease of installation and future servicing in mind.

You do not require specialist fitters or a host of extra parts to install PROBOIL3. The boiler seats neatly under your sink and all parts and connections are included in the box.

A pre-installation guide walks you through the items to get ready before your installation, then a step by step guide leads you through the installation and commissioning.

Of course if you prefer we offer a nationwide network of our own installers, so if you want to sit back and relax we offer a professional managed installation and commissioning service.

To speak to one of our customer care advisors regarding any installation and servicing issues then please call 0344 879 3588

Looking for Technical Support?

Simple Home Maintenance

Once you have the system installed, it is easy to look after. Changing filters and descaling are simple procedures that can be routinely managed, to ensure the best performance and service life.

To speak to one of our customer care advisors regarding any warranty issues then please call 0344 879 3588

Comprehensive 2 & 5 Year Warranty Cover

Here at Abode we pride ourselves on our design innovation and product quality, that is why we offer a fully comprehensive guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you should experience any defect in the materials or workmanship of your new 4 in 1 Pronteau mixertap or PROBOIL3 boiler, we warrant the products as follows:

  • PRONTEAU mixertaps within 5 years of purchase
  • PROBOIL3 boiler unit within 2 years of purchase

In both cases, the purchasers sole remedy shall be the replacement (at the manufacturers discretion) of all or any part of the product that is defective. To enquire further about this service please call 0344 879 3588

Comprehensive 2 & 5 Year Warranty Cover
Warranty Cover - Whats covered?

What's Covered?

Pronteau Taps: For the tap, all working parts and valves are guaranteed for a period of 5 years from purchase. Decorative surface finishes and O-rings are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase provided that our advice concerning product care have been observed and no scouring agents have been used on the surfaces of the tap.

ProBoil Boilers: For the boiler; all working parts are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase provided it has been used for normal domestic or office purposes and that the care, installation and maintenance instructions (booklet & display screen) have been observed and acted upon.

If you have a query regarding a product already installed whether it is in or out of warranty then please call the following number 0344 879 3588